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PRESCHOOL AGE 3-4 – Monday 1:45pm

September 2, 2019 1:45 pm
December 16, 2019 2:45 pm
Vámonos Spanish, North Shields, UK   View map
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Day / Time: Monday 1:45-2:45pm
Course Duration: 15 weeks.
Location: The Linskill Centre, North Shields, NE30 2AY.

Term Dates:
Autumn Term: Sept. 2nd to December 16th 2019- No class October the 28th for half term
Duration: 15 weeks.
Winter Term Cost: £97.50 (£6.50 per class) – if you would prefer to pay monthly, please contact us directly

Our Vámonos Preschool Course for pre-schoolers aged 3 and 4 is designed to be non-stop fun and activity for one hour, completely in the target language, Spanish. Children are unaccompanied by an adult and attend these classes independently with the teacher, they participate excitedly in games, songs and rhymes. In these classes children also do a table activity based on the vocabulary which they are currently learning, this may be a craft, a painting, colouring or sticking worksheet. The teacher maintains concentration and interest using visual tools, catchy rhymes, puppets and Spanish songs.

The classes are taught in such a way that comprehension is simple, course lists with vocabulary and support information are also given to parents so that reinforcement can be done at home, if you wish. A piece of homework is given after each class so that parents/guardians may continue the learning experience at home.

This age group is such a pleasure to teach, the children are open and completely able to take in another language without question or inhibition! It’s quite an honour and a privilege to be able to hear these children using the language freely and to see comprehension of the teacher without issue, we find children of this age to be so confident and at ease during our classes that they will reproduce words and phrases in Spanish without hesitation, when they reach the point of offering Spanish spontaneously it’s incredible.


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