Primary Course Age 4-11



Our Vámonos Primary course is designed to intertwine age groups with levels of ability in Spanish, from beginner to advanced. Each of our 9 primary levels has been created specifically for a level of ability within an age group so that learning can be precisely targeted by the teacher. Our courses are progressive so that with each unit and academic year children continue building up their knowledge of the language. [Read More…]

Our courses sit alongside the National Curriculum, integrating various Key Stage 1 and 2 requirements. Our Primary courses develop many cross-curricular skills such as communication, working with others, cultural understanding, thinking, being creative and of course, language and literacy.

Each unit children will spend 12 weeks / classes learning a new topic, after which children are assessed and then at the end of the academic year it is determined whether children are ready to move to the next level. By the end of each unit children will be completely confident in their ability to reproduce the learned vocabulary and phrases. Each unit builds on the previous one, adding topic after topic to the children’s CVs of Spanish learning. Children repeatedly revise past topics briefly in each class in order to ensure that their memories are trained, stimulated and refreshed.

Our Vámonos Primary Courses cover many different topics, including Transport, the House, Hobbies, the Weather, the Body, Animals, the Classroom, Appearance, Jobs, Food, Family, Daily Routine, Money, Toys, Personality, Sports, Countries and Nationalities, the City and Housework. New topics always include basics such as Days of the Week, Months of the Year, Numbers, the Alphabet and pronunciation, Feelings, Classroom Language, Greetings and Personal Introductions. Course lists with vocabulary and support are also given to parents so that reinforcement can be done at home, if you wish. A piece of homework is given so that parents/guardians may continue the learning experience at home.

As in all of our classes, we teach using our unique method, in the target language of Spanish, incorporating fun and learning to make sure that it is an enjoyable and rewarding experience for all children. Classes consist of games, Spanish songs, rhymes, interactive activities and a table activity based the topic.

We are extremely proud to be able to offer a foreign language to children in the UK, in our European counterparts, foreign languages are taught from an extremely young age and more often than not, they learn several languages simultaneously. Our children deserve that option too, bilingualism is such an incredible skill and the more children we can get interested in foreign languages the better!

A group of primary schoolchildren learning together
My child has knowledge of the language – Which primary level should they join at?


During school holidays and festival times we offer a range of extra workshops and parties where parents and their little ones can learn about Spanish traditional festivals and the vocabulary and traditions associated with these. We celebrate Spanish and Latin American festivals such as Carnival, Easter, Halloween / Day of the Dead, Christmas, The Three King’s through workshops and special sessions.