Baby & Toddler Course



Our Vámonos Baby & Toddler course is designed for babies and toddlers aged 0-3, this course is intended to be nonstop fun and interactivity for 30 minutes, completely in the target language, Spanish. Babies and toddlers are accompanied by a participating adult, a mum, a dad, a grandparent, and are encouraged to participate in games, songs, rhymes with assistance from their grown-up. During which, the teacher maintains concentration and interest using visual tools, catchy rhymes, puppets and Spanish songs. [Read More…]

Baby and toddler group learning with the aid of coloured balloons

Our accompanying adult may well be a Spanish speaker, a complete beginner, be able to remember some school Spanish, everyone is welcome, you’ll soon find that you’ve learned the songs and vocabulary just as quickly as the little ones!

The classes are taught in such a way that comprehension is simple, even for the accompanying adult! Vocabulary lists and support information are also given so that reinforcement can be done at home, if you wish. A piece of homework is given after each class so that the learning experience may continue at home.

Our Baby & Toddler course teaches Spanish following the EYFS Areas of Learning such as communication and language through interaction and speech, physical development through movement and activity, social development through interaction with classmates and teachers, understanding the world through learning about Spanish culture, expressive arts and design through homework activities which involve the use of various fine motor skills.

We are often asked whether children aged between 0-3 are too young to begin learning a foreign language, the answer is always the same, the earlier the better! It’s quite an honour and a privilege to be able to see such little ones understanding the teacher, showing comprehension through gestures, mouthing words in Spanish and even speaking words in Spanish when they are ready.

We are extremely proud to be able to offer a foreign language to little ones in the UK, in our European counterparts, foreign languages are taught from an extremely early age and more often than not, they learn several languages simultaneously. Our children deserve that option too, bilingualism is such an incredible skill and the more children we can get interested in foreign languages the better!


Karen – grandmother (baby and toddler classes)

{My Grandson son started Spanish classes at a very young age. I thought maybe too young. But the staff were all wonderful with him & what they do to make young minds learn a different language is fab!! He couldn’t speak much English never mind Spanish, but he understood a lot even at the age of 1 and a half. His skills improved & his confidence grew, he loved every session. Sometimes he cried when he had to put items back in the box during a session & never wanted to leave. He met some lovely friends his age which all developed in different stages & started speaking amazingly well just over a few months of constantly going regularly. I would recommend Vámonos Spanish to anyone of any age willing to learn. U also get to have lots of fun as there is lots of parties throughout the year, you can also buy books and flash cards & other helpful gadgets to help you improve whilst at home. Keep up the great work Vámonos


During school holidays and festival times we offer a range of extra workshops and parties where parents and their little ones can learn about Spanish traditional festivals and the vocabulary and traditions associated with these. We celebrate Spanish and Latin American festivals such as Carnival, Easter, Halloween / Day of the Dead, Christmas, The Three King’s through workshops and special sessions.