A1 Beginner Course


Our A1 Spanish course is designed for students who already have a level of Spanish, take our level test or contact us directly to find out which level you should join at. Our A1 Spanish course has 4 levels in which students cover all of the vocabulary and grammar required to take the A1 exam externally should you wish.

Course length: Each of our 4 levels within this course is 12/13 weeks/classes in length.


At the end of A1 Level 1: I am able to introduce myself and I can ask and give personal information (nationality, profession, telephone number, address, etc), and talk about my hobbies. I can describe my family and its members and talk about the weather. I can conjugate regular verbs in Present Tense, use the verbs “ser”, “estar” and “hay” in different contexts, identify the gender of nouns and adjectives and understand question words (cómo, dónde, cuándo, etc).


At the end of A1 Level 2: I can describe the character of people and their physical appearance. I know the parts of the body, I can express feelings and pain and explain health problems to the doctor. I know the clothes and personal objects and can use shop dialogues. In grammar, I know the conjugation of verb “gustar” and similar verbs, I understand demonstratives (este/a/os/as), I can use the structure “tener que” to express need and I can contrast likes and dislikes using “también/tampoco”.


At the end of A1 Level 3: I can talk about habits, my daily routine and the time. I can have a conversation in a restaurant and ask for and give information about food. In grammar, I can conjugate all the Present Tense (regular, irregular, reflexive and stem-changing verbs), I can express frequency (siempre, nunca, a veces, etc), I know some of the uses of the Direct Object pronouns (lo, la, los, las), and the use of some prepositions (a, de, por).


At the end of A1 Level 4: I can describe my neighbourhood (the location, its characteristics and its features) I can ask forand give  directions. I can talk about people’s qualities and defects, their pros and cons. I am able to talk about personal experiences. In grammar, I understand and can use quantifiers (muchos, pocos, bastantes, algunos, ningunos), I know the difference between “Saber” and “Poder”. I understand the “Pretérito Perfecto” and I can use it.


We also offer regular Educational & Social Cultural Sessions such as Wine Tasting, Tapas Nights, Games Nights, Idiom Workshops, Grammar Workshops, Writing Workshops, Spanish Cinema and Conversation Classes all as extras to back up your studies. Socialising in Spanish with fellow students and teachers is a great way to practise material learned and enjoy a taste of the Spanish culture at the same time!

Adult Spanish learners dining on tapas at a long table


Vámonos offers private tuition at any adult level. We are able to offer 1:1 or various sizes of private group classes. We can also offer these courses in workplaces or your home. In private tuition, we can tailor our courses to suit your needs and offer bespoke courses should you wish.