Adult Events


We invite our adult students to join us for our Vámonos “Noche de Pinchos” – Pinchos Night! Learn all about Spanish Pinchos and their traditions, their recipes and then make them following the guidance of our ever so slightly food obsessed Academic Coordinator. This is a great way for learners to learn more about Spanish culture in a very relaxed atmosphere with other students.


Our adult students love getting together to play games in Spanish, be it a game of bingo, quiz nights, Spanish Scrabble, Pictionary or other board games, students love the opportunity to chat in Spanish with their teachers, classmates and other learners in this fun and informal environment.

Adults learning spanish by playing board games


Our adult students love getting together to chat in Spanish with their teachers, classmates and other learners over a few tapas. This is a fantastic way for students to enjoy a part of the Spanish culture while getting to put what they’ve learned into practice. Tapas is a great way to sample different Spanish foods that you may never have tried before too! Buen provecho!


We would like to invite you to our Vámonos Spanish Wine Tasting event! Did you know that our Academic Coordinator, Alba, is extremely knowledgeable about wines, in fact, her family owns a vineyard in la Rioja, Spain! She would love to share her expertise and her culture with you over una copa de vino, o dos! Sample some delicious vino blanco, vino tinto y vino rosado y Jerez with some ‘picky’ tapas in a relaxed environment where Spanish is spoken throughout, don’t worry comprehension will be ensured!


Simon Robinson - Nov 2016 (adult student)

{When I enrolled on the Vámonos wine tasting event, I was not sure what to expect, except that the wine would be Spanish (4 different types) and the talk would be mainly in Spanish. I open the door to the room to be greeted by a lovely atmosphere, candle lit, mood music and a group of other excited “students”. So far so good.

I sit down as this is to be part lesson in Spanish, chat to my neighbours, discover and forget their names, then learn them later. Kay (la jefa – the boss of Vámonos) is making sure all the members are there, while Alba checks all is well with her PowerPoint presentation which is to be projected to a screen. The room hushes, and Alba explains in wonderfully clear and easy to understand Spanish (even for those who did not speak Spanish) all sorts of information about the five main types of Spanish wine, leading us for example through different grapes types, where they are grown, and most interestingly for me, how the wine is made, the techniques differing from wine to wine. After each category is explained, we get to try a glass of that type of wine. I had guessed that we would probably get just a small glass of each wine, but no, we had full glasses and often a refill. The final wine was an exquisite Tinto that turns out to be made by Alba’s parents, who own and run a vineyard and bodega in Spain. I carry the image of a young Alba doing the back-breaking work of picking the grapes, she clearly spoke from experience of a family run winery. Finally, the Tapas appears, wine has loosened our tongues and confidence grows with our Spanish, and in best Spanish tradition the room gets louder and louder with happy chatting with our fellow “tasters” and with Kay and Alba. I had such a good time that my wife is now getting bored of me telling her about it. A fantastic evening, and if one comes up again, go for it. Do I have any regrets? Just one, that I have now acquired a taste for good quality, and probably expensive wines. Well done Kay and Alba


Using what students have covered throughout their courses, they are invited to come to our conversation sessions and have discussions and chat through games and communicative tasks about various topics – IN SPANISH. These sessions are held in a relaxed environment with teacher led discussions / games in small groups.


Ian – May 2017 (adult student)

{I really enjoyed my first taste of Spanish cinema. The teacher did a great job explaining some of the plot and I managed to follow a lot of the dialogue. The film itself was excellent with a great storyline and acting, I would highly recommend this aid to learning the language


Our intermediate students (and above) are at the level where they are able to produce and work on texts. In these workshops, students learn and put into practise the art of writing texts both formally and informally in Spanish using various formats. Students will learn how to structure texts and use connectors to make sentences and paragraphs flow accurately.


Join us for one of our Grammar Workshops focusing on various problematic grammatical areas such as “SER and ESTAR”, “POR and PARA”, “QUE and CUAL”. Many grammar topics are a cause of confusion for students and although there is no magic solution we offer these dedicated workshops focusing on these subjects to aid your studies.


Dean – Jul 2017 (adult student)

{I thought the Ser and Estar Workshop was good value for money and helped me to understand better the differences of Ser and Estar. The course material provided was helpful and is a good revision tool. I would certainly recommend this class to anyone learning the language


Learn to understand and use Idioms ‘figures of speech’ in your use of the Spanish language and you’ll sound much more fluent! In Spanish, idioms are a large part of everyday language, and understanding their uses and being able to add them to your spoken and written Spanish will increase your fluidity greatly. In our various ‘Idioms and …’ sessions we cover a wide range of idioms in a relaxed atmosphere and small group. *Open to new and current adult students. No minimum level.


Would you like to be able to fool a Spanish speaker that you are from a Spanish speaking country? Do you want to sound like a native? This is the course for you! In this extremely popular course, teaching perfect Spanish pronunciation in only 6 classes (7.5 hours), we will target all the major problem sounds, and show you exactly how to adjust your pronunciation to help you to sound like a native Spanish speaker.

Course length: 7.5 hours (taught either in 6 classes or intensively over three days).


Christine – August 2017 (adult student)

{The pronunciation course is both informative and fun. Words are deconstructed and then pieced together using the correct sound and intonation. You begin to make sense of words you’ve heard in Spanish that look very different when written down. You also become more aware of words that look and sound the same and recognise how to differentiate them. I would recommend the course to anyone studying Spanish or thinking of going on holiday and wanting to try out the language.

Helen – Sept 2017 (adult learner)

{I constantly worried about pronunciation. Having taken the pronunciation course, I feel much more relaxed and able to concentrate on other aspects of learning other than just how to say individual words. The course was very informative, great fun and has given me the confidence to pursue further courses. The teachers were very enthusiastic and patient, which as an older learner I very much appreciated.